Some of the best summer jobs for 2020 are hiring now

It’s time to find your summer job for the 2020 season right now.

Wait, what? You may be thinking that it’s February, there is so snow everywhere, and the windchill factor is going to be mentioned in weather reports for the next two months.

All of that is true, which is why many people don’t think about their summer job plans until spring has arrived at the earliest.

I was always one of those procrastinators who often wouldn’t think about my summer plans until summer actually arrived. Consequently, while my friends worked in parks, pools, and at festivals, I was shovelling horse manure for less than minimum wage. True story.

Anyway, to save you from a similar fate, here is your annual reminder: some of the best summer jobs to have start their recruitment process in February. If you wait until spring, you could be too late to even apply.

Where to find your 2020 summer job now

Right now, there are already pages of summer job opportunities for 2020 being advertised on CareerBeacon. Check it out – and check back regularly. This list will only be expanding over the coming weeks.

The New Brunswick SEED program (Student Employment Experience Development) is now open for 2020. This program offers incentives for employers to hire students and highlights those opportunities for workers to gain experience over the summer.

Parks Canada does much of its summer hiring in the winter months, with many local job fairs being held in the month of February. Check out their website for opportunities, programs, and an interactive map to find the location nearest to you.

The Federal Government offers a range of summer employment options across Canada including field work, research, administration, IT, finance, trades, policy, communications and many more. The hiring process runs from now through early April.

Maybe you’d like to try working on Parliament Hill this summer. The application process for summer opened in January 2020 with details available on their employment portal.

Summer jobs are your chance to gain on-the-job experience, earn some money, and meet new people. They can also be a stepping-stone to a career or just a break from the school routine. Either way, it’s better to have more choices about what to do over the summer months, and that starts by looking early.

Find your summer summer job for 2020 today!

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