Newfoundlanders work more hours than other Canadians

Newfoundlanders work the most hours per week in Canada, according to a new report, and the Quebecois work the least.

In 2017, weekly hours worked per job averaged 35.1 hours in Québec, says a report from Institut de la statistique du Québec titled Comparative study on hours worked in Québec, the United States, and elsewhere in Canada in 2017. The people of Newfoundland and Labrador, meanwhile, worked the most hours at 37.8. This was followed by Alberta with 37.6 hours, and Saskatchewan at 37.5. Canadians as a whole worked 36 hours a week.

Here’s the breakdown by province of average hours worked per week in 2017:

Canada – 36.0

Newfoundland and Labrador – 37.8
Alberta – 37.6
Saskatchewan – 37.5
New Brunswick – 37.2
Prince Edward Island – 36.9
Manitoba – 36.5
Ontario – 36.0
Nova Scotia – 35.7
British Columbia – 35.5
Quebec – 35.1

Americans worked more hours than anyone, though, with 38.7 hours a week.

These differences are also present when comparing ranges of hours of work. About 70% of U.S. workers have a 40-hour or more workweek, while this is the case for only 40% of Québec workers.

The report says “These gaps reflect different institutional contexts, particularly with regard to working time standards (annual leave, statutory holidays, parental leave, etc.), which are more advantageous for Quebec than U.S. workers.” It also states that employment rates are higher in Quebec than in the United States, due in part to a greater proportion of women in the labour market.

“In 2017, the employment rate among the population 15 and over was 60.9% in Québec versus 60.1% in the United States (16 and over). Among women, the employment rate is nearly 3 percentage points higher in Québec than in the United States (57.4% for Québec women versus 54.6% for U.S. women). This gap exceeds 10 percentage points among women with children under the age of 18.”

These findings are slightly different from those of another study conducted in 2014, which also found that Quebec residents worked the least hours, at 31.5, but that Albertans worked the most at 35.1.

Mexicans work a lot more hours than Canadians

Interesting. And how do we, as a country, compare with the rest of the world? Well, we don’t work that hard, according to a study released in 2018.

Those findings were that workers in Mexico clocked in the most hours over the year in 2017, followed by people in South Korea, and then Greece.

At the time, a writer at Forbes commented, “After the financial crisis struck Greece with a vengeance, ordinary Greek workers were sometimes labeled as over-paid and lazy as well as being all too eager to retire early. Those accusations are unfounded, however, with Greeks working the most annual hours of any country in Europe at 2,042.”

Germany worked the least hours at 1,371.

Here’s how many hours were worked by country in the year 2017.

Mexico – 2,246
South Korea – 2,113
Greece – 2,042
Chile – 1,988
Russia – 1,978
Turkey – 1,832
United States – 1,779
Italy – 1,725
Japan – 1,719
Canada – 1.691
Spain – 1,676
United Kingdom – 1,674
Australia – 1,665
France – 1,482
Germany – 1,371

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