Good news for 2019 grads entering the job market

New research shows that 2019 graduates are fortunate enough to be joining the labour market at a period of not only robust hiring but also a time when Canadian employers are particularly interested in recruiting people fresh out of school.

Those are the findings of a new survey of decision-makers at Canadian companies by the staffing experts at Robert Half.

Roughly 600 senior managers at those Canadian firms were asked, “How likely is it that your company will hire new college/university graduates in 2019?”

Three-quarters of them (76 per cent) said that they were very or somewhat likely to hire new grads this year.

Among the top advantages that employers see in hiring people with fresh degrees are their passion, new ideas, willingness to learn, and up-to-date technical abilities.

Benefits of hiring new grads

  • Enthusiasm about starting a new career – 34 per cent
  • Fresh perspective and ideas – 27 per cent
  • Ability to learn and be trained – 24 per cent
  • Strong technical skills – 14 per cent

So, if you are one of those candidates just entering the job market this spring and summer, highlight these advantages in your application and job interviews. A positive attitude, a motivation to learn on the job, and eagerness to take on new challenges are all attributes that can impress hiring managers.

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Source: Canada’s Class of 2019: Chances of Getting Hired Look Promising | Robert Half

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