Eight work-from-home jobs that pay more than $100,000

Remote jobs are much desired.

According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of North American office workers expect their employer to provide technology that allows them to work from remotely. And 74 per cent would leave their current jobs for one that allows them to work remotely more often, even if their salary stayed the same.

I get it. I work from home. It’s awesome. There are downsides, like sometimes you can go days without seeing anyone but your kid(s), pets, and spouse. And remembering to shower and dress becomes something of an issue (I’m often still in PJs when I pick my daughter up from kindergarten). But there are many upsides, like no commute, no coworkers (which I guess might be a bad thing if you like being around people all day), and you can spend the day with a cat on your lap (if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy).

At the moment, approximately 2.9 per cent of the U.S. workforce ― 4 million employees ― spend at least half their time working remotely, according to a 2017 report from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics (via CNBC). And this number is sure to increase.

Of course, technology is making it easier and easier to work from home every day. Between mobile devices and cloud services, Google Hangouts, and other social products, there’s less and less reason for employers to insist on having employees on site. Many still do, for a variety of reasons, including wanting the team together and to keep an eye on things. But there are probably now more work from home options in high paying sectors than ever before.

And today, CNBC published a list of eight work-from-home jobs that can pay over $100,000, which was compiled by remote.co, using salary data from Payscale.com (we’ve switched their data out for Canadian salaries).

These jobs can all be done from home and pay really well. Here they are:

Vice president, sales

A vice president, sales oversees all sales, usually for a country or region, managing sales managers and ensuring the organization meets targets.

Can pay $77,426 – $169,014, with a median salary of $120,545

Vice president, marketing analytics

This person provides leadership in developing and planning business strategies for an organization based on market analysis. They’re also responsible for overseeing the company’s marketing, including branding, advertising, and more.

$89,690 – $154,987, with a median salary of $122,512

Director product marketing

A product marketing director maps the marketing journey of a company’s products, from conception to launch and thereafter, working on “crafting the messaging and positioning” and ensuring the product takes its place in the market.

Can pay $61,277 – $163,670, with a median salary of $127,02

Enterprise solutions architect

Enterprise architects maintain information technology (IT) networks and services used by their organization, according to Payscale*.

Can pay $73,972 – $126,376, with a median salary of $101,920

Senior UX designer

A senior user experience (UX) designer works with designers, product engineers, and product managers to create a positive and intuitive user experience architecture for customers and other stakeholders.

Can pay $61,127 – $106,483, with a median salary of $83,082

Channel manager

This person is responsible for a “sales channel” or developing sales with outside dealers. According to Payscale, “Channel sales managers serve as the primary point of contact between their company and resellers.”

Can pay $48,796 – $82,987, with a median salary of $63,797

Senior software engineer

A senior software engineer may be responsible for leading teams of developers and designers to create and maintain an organization’s systems.

Can pay $71,261 – $118,150, with a median salary of $90,785

Project manager

A project manager oversees designated projects for an organization from conception to development to launch, overseeing budgets, teams, and more.

Can pay $49,229 – $102,388, with a median salary of $71,902

Yes, these are all higher-level positions. The reality is that you’re not going to find an entry level job that pays more than $100,000. You have to work your way up. This is done through education, hard work, and networking.

But at least you’ll be able to work from home when you get there.

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