Study: You only need 50% of job requirements to be interviewed

You see a job posting for a role that you would love to have, but you don’t have all of the qualifications the employer is looking for. It’s not a lost cause. It turns out that you don’t actually need to have every credential in the bullet-pointed list of requirements. Wanted: 15-years experience in software development,…

Five things to do before leaving your job interview

Before you walk out the door after interviewing with a potential employer, make sure you have made the most of the opportunity. There are some crucial steps that many people overlook that can have a significant impact on your career success and happiness. Make sure you do these five things at your interview. Ask questions….

How to answer “Why do you want this job?”

One of the most common job interview questions is also one of the simplest. And that makes it also one of the most difficult to answer for some people. This is: “Why do you want this job?” Because you need a job and you need to pay the bills. Amirite? But no. You cannot say…

How to interview for a job after being fired

A CareerBeacon reader wrote in for some advice on her career dilemma. She was recently fired from her job, and she is afraid the situation will prevent her from landing future employment. Here’s a summary of her question. “I worked at my last job for almost a year before being terminated. The project I was…

The top strengths hiring managers are looking for in job candidates

During the job interview, the hiring manager is going to ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. We’ve discussed in the past how to answer the dreaded “greatest weakness” question. Don’t say “vodka and gambling,” and do say that your greatest weakness is something non-crucial to the job and that you’re working to improve it….

22 questions to ask in a job interview

You have to ask questions during the job interview. The interviewer is going to expect this and is going to ask you if you have any questions. And you must ask them because not to do so demonstrates a total lack of interest. And you don’t want that. You want to look keen and enthusiastic….