Canadian economy shatters expectations with over 50,000 new jobs created

The Canadian economy created 54,000 jobs in September, bringing the national unemployment rate down to 5.5 per cent. Those are the findings from Statistics Canada in the newly released latest Labour Force Survey, the monthly snapshot of the country’s job market.

These gains come as a surprise to most economists, as predictions had been for an increase of just 10,000 jobs in September. There were actually 70,000 more people working full time last month, but these gains were partially offset by a drop in part-time jobs.

Over the past twelve months, Canada added over 450,000 new jobs, one of the largest single year employment increases on record.

Stats Can says that the largest employment gains in September were in Ontario and Nova Scotia, while there was little change in the other provinces. Nova Scotia saw its unemployment rate drop from 7.9 per cent to 7.2 per cent. The unemployment rate was also lower in New Brunswick, falling from 8.6 per cent last month down to 8.3 percent.

The unemployment rate by province (and available jobs on CareerBeacon)

Newfoundland and Labrador 11.5 per cent [View jobs in NL]

Prince Edward Island 8.8 per cent [Jobs in PEI]

Nova Scotia 7.2 per cent [Jobs in Nova Scotia]

New Brunswick 8.3 per cent [Available jobs in New Brunswick]

Quebec 4.8 per cent [See jobs in Quebec]

Ontario 5.3 per cent [Job opportunities in Ontario]

Manitoba 5.0 per cent [Jobs in Manitoba]

Saskatchewan 5.3 per cent [Jobs in Saskatchewan]

Alberta 6.6 per cent [Available jobs in Alberta]

British Columbia 4.8 per cent [See jobs in B.C.]

You can view the complete report from Statistics Canada here.

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