Canada’s best (and worst) cities for finding a job this spring

Wondering where all the jobs are? The economists at BMO have ranked 33 Canadian cities according to how robust their hiring climate is right now. How does your town measure up?

It’s interesting to note that, not for the first time, the country’s biggest cities—Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary—have all fallen in the listings over the past year, while it’s the smaller cities that are seeing most of the job growth right now.

For example, Guelph, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Halifax and Kitchener all sit in the top five. Moncton currently ranks as the 13th best city in Canada for finding work. [See available jobs in Moncton, New Brunswick.]

The ten best cities in Canada for finding a job right now

10. London, Ontario – Unemployment rate – 5 per cent.
[View job openings available in London]

9. Oshawa, Ontario – Unemployment rate – 5.8 per cent.
[View jobs available in Oshawa.]

8. Edmonton, Alberta – Unemployment rate – 6.3 per cent.
[See jobs in Edmonton.]

7. Peterborough, Ontario – Unemployment rate – 5.2 per cent.
[View job openings available in Peterborough.]

6. Abbottsford, B.C. – Unemployment rate – 4.5 per cent.
[See jobs available in Abbottsford.]

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia – Unemployment rate – 5.7 per cent.
[View job opportunities in Halifax.]

4. Kitchener, Ontario – Unemployment rate – 5.1 per cent.
[View job openings available in Kitchener.]

3. Kelowna, B.C. – Unemployment rate – 3.3 per cent.
[See jobs available in Kelowna.]

2. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Unemployment rate – 5.6 per cent.
[View job openings available in Saskatoon.]

1. Guelph, Ontario – Unemployment rate – 2.3 per cent.
[Browse job postings for Guelph.]

That’s the good news. On the flip side, there are also those cities and towns that have fallen lower in the rankings. According to the BMO report, these are the places with the slowest hiring right now.

Canada’s 10 worst cities for finding work this spring

    • 10. Sudbury, Ontario
    • 9. St. John, New Brunswick
    • 8. Regina, Saskatchewan
    • 7. St. John’s, NL
    • 6. St. Catherine’s, Ontario
    • 5. Sherbrooke, Quebec
    • 4. Kingston, Ontario
    • 3. Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
    • 2. Saguenay, Quebec
    1. Brantford, Ontario

Of course, unemployment rate isn’t the only statistic BMO uses to rank these cities. The factor in population and growth, the number of people working, number of jobs and more. You can read the full report and see their methodology here. [Opens as a PDF.]

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