Canada sees largest single month job creation on record

The Canadian economy added 107,000 new jobs in April – the single greatest one-month jump in employment ever recorded since Statistics Canada began tracking this data in 1976. Those were the findings of the latest Labour Force Survey, released this morning.

Year-over-year, employment grew by 426,000 jobs – with more people working full-time (+248,000) as well as part-time (+179,000).

Last month’s gains brought the national unemployment rate down to 5.7 per cent.

There were 3,900 fewer people working in New Brunswick in April. The province lost 6,400 full-time jobs, but these were partially offset by gains of 2,500 part-time positions last month.

In other regions, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and Prince Edward Island all saw new jobs added in April.

Here’s a look at the unemployment rates by province (and jobs available right now on CareerBeacon)

Newfoundland and Labrador 11.5 per cent
[View jobs in NL]

Prince Edward Island 8.6 per cent
[Jobs in PEI]

Nova Scotia 6.9 per cent
[Jobs in Nova Scotia]

New Brunswick 8.0 per cent
[Available jobs in New Brunswick]

Quebec 4.9 per cent
[See jobs in Quebec]

Ontario 6.0 per cent
[Job opportunities in Ontario]

Manitoba 5.2 per cent
[Jobs in Manitoba]

Saskatchewan 5.4 per cent
[Jobs in Saskatchewan]

Alberta 6.7 per cent
[Available jobs in Alberta]

British Columbia 4.6 per cent
[See jobs in B.C.]

You can see read a detailed report from Statistics Canada here.

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