Are you ready to be interviewed by a robot? Because it’s coming soon

New technology is revolutionizing the world of work. High tech jobs are being created at the same time that automation is rendering other career paths obsolete. We’ve known for a long time that in many cases, the first one to read your resume or review your job application is a robot.

Applicant Tracking Systems scan and filter applications before a human recruiter ever sees the short list of candidates. To get past these, you’ll need to write a software-friendly resume. Here are nine tips for getting your resume past the bot that reads it first.

As if it weren’t futuristic enough to have to compete with a robot for a job by writing a resume designed for robots, you may soon also be interviewed by a robot as well.

Toronto-based startup Knockri aims to remove bias and human error from the job interview process by having applicants first screened by artificial intelligence (AI). Knockri describes their product as an “AI video soft-skill assessment tool.” Candidates view pre-recorded questions from a manager on a computer screen. They are given 10 seconds to reflect and then their response is recorded via webcam.

Not only their words, but also their eye movement, facial expression, and inflection are analysed by the artificial intelligence using an algorithm to score candidates according to their confidence levels, enthusiasm, communications skills, and more in order to determine overall fit for the job.
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The software then provides hiring managers with the candidates with the highest scores – without including their names or faces. This process is designed to further remove unconscious biases from the hiring process. Knockri claims this promotes diversity by removing any information about gender, race, or ethnicity from the screening process.

It appears this new technology is gaining traction. Big companies such as IBM are already using Knockri to help create a shortlist of top candidates from the hundreds of hopefuls who apply for their open positions.

“It’s just not humanly possible for them to go through each and every one; a lot of organizations resort to a lottery process. A process that actually misses out great talent,” Jahanzaib Ansari, CEO of Knockri told the CBC.

How do you get past the robot to make it to the next round? Pretend that it isn’t a robot at all. Smile into your webcam, and talk in a friendly, conversational tone as though you were interacting with a real person in real time.

Here are the most in-demand soft skills by employers right now – and how to demonstrate them.

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