And the longest commute in North America award goes to this Canadian city

Commuting is terrible. I hate commuting. That walk from my bed to my couch. The worst. I need a coffee machine in my room…Yeah. OK. I work from home. So, I’m joking (but still… a coffee machine in the bedroom. Good idea, right?).  But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel your pain. I’m what they call an empath.

And if you live in Toronto, apparently you have the worst commute in all of North America, and the sixth worst commute in the world, according to a new study. Toronto is the only Canadian city on the list, so we can’t tell you where others ranked.  But we can tell you where people enjoy the most stress-free and cost-efficient ride to work: that would be in Nice, France.

For the study, researchers looked at 74 commuter hotspots in 16 countries, analyzing the following data:

Average time spent commuting each day
Average time waiting for a bus or a train each day
Average journey distance (one way)
Percentage of commuters who make at least one change as part of a single journey
Average cost of a monthly travel card as a percentage of average net monthly salary
Average number of hours spent in congestion over 240 commuting days

According to authors Expert Market, “Workers in Nice enjoy fantastic value for money from the city’s transport network, paying on average just 1.25% of their monthly salary for a travel card…

“The average time spent travelling to and from work each day is a chilled 40 minutes, just about long enough to get in an episode of your favourite podcast, and road users spend only 22 hours stuck in traffic jams over the course of a year.”

Nice is followed by Cuenca, Ecuador, and Bilbao, Spain.

Here are the top 10 places with the best commutes around the world:

Nice, France
Cuenca, Ecuador
Bilbao, Spain
Toulouse, France
Catania, Italy
Bari, Italy
Lyon, France
Bologna, France
Strasbourg, France
Leicester, UK

As you can see, half of the best commutes are in France. And size matters. Both Nice and Cuenca have metropolitan populations of less than a million, and the average population size of cities in the top 10 is 1,120,265 — “over eight million less than that of cities in the bottom 10.”

And here are those bottom 10 in descending order:

London, UK
Miami, USA
Cali, Colombia
Brasilia, Brazil
Toronto, Canada
Salvador, Brazil,
Istanbul, Turkey
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Bogota, Colombia
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Torontonians probably won’t be shocked about their ranking. Toronto is widely mocked by its residents for its public transit system which is limited and often simply not working. The Six also ranks high on lists of worst cities for traffic jams in North America – and first for worst jams in Canada. (#winning)

Fortunately, we’ve got a lot of other things going for us around here.

If you can avoid taking a car to work, and get there on foot or bike, you should do that, according to a study from a few years ago. That study found that “the longer people spend commuting in cars, the worse their psychological well-being. And correspondingly, people feel better when they have a longer walk to work.”

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